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The two-headed coiling machine of the 8-shaped type (or, as it is also called “cross type”) is installed at the end of the extrusion line as a take up, or installed separately from the line with its own pay-off device.

The coiling machine parameter is set the length of the coil (305 meters standard), the diameter of the hole for the plastic sleeve. The coiling machine automatically receives the cable and lays it out with a cross, which is necessary for the cable LAN and the data cable. Upon reaching the specified footage, the coater stops. The operator needs to cut the cable in a specific place and tuck the end of the cable into the second (free) receiving head, press the START button to continue coiling. A flip takes less than 10 seconds.

While a new coil is being wound, the operator removes the finished coil from the head, installs the sleeve (pre-prepared) in the hole, puts the coil in a cardboard box (pre-prepared), pulls the inner end of the cable through the hole. The packaging process takes less than a minute. The average operating speed of the coiling machine is 160 m / min.

Video of the running line on our YouTube channel:


  1. The dimensions of the coil are set on the touch panel and are constant
  2. Head diameter: Ø 220 mm
  3. Power: 3 kW
  4. PLC control cabinet
  • Control Method: Controller and Touch Panel
  • PLC controller and extension module: Siemens
  • Touch Panel: Weinveiw touch-screen
  • All line processes are controlled by the controller. The operator can monitor them and adjust them through the touch panel. The operating system is in Russian or English languages.
  • The motor is controlled by an inverter.
  • Power supply: 380V (3 phases / 4 wires)

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