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Lan-cable is a type of cable, which is a  twisted pair wire, mainly used in the telecommunications sector, it is especially popular in connecting various types of computer devices to the global network. Currently, there are several categories of LAN cable, it is also pided into subcategories depending on the production technology and its application field, because the more information we want to transfer from the device to another, the more technologically advanced cable we need.

The entire production process can be pided into 5 stages:

  1. Tandem line of drawing and insulation
  2. Back-twist stranding line
  3. Laying up machine
  4. Jacket line 
  5. Coiling and packaging line 

In general terms, it is no different from many other types of cable, but in this production there are very important aspects, without which the manufactured products will not be of proper quality. In order to reduce the degree of influence of external electromagnetic fields and increase the physical properties of the cable, various types of manipulations are used: laying on screens, tolerance on different types of tape, twisting pairs with different pitch of strands ...

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