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YL - 630/800/1000/1250 SINGLE TWIST MACHINE

YL - 630/800/1000/1250 SINGLE TWIST MACHINE


The single twist line is appropriate for general twisting of wire and insulated cores, with preliminary pre-twist. Single twist (twist at one point) on a stranding frame is a high-performance line, with a large range of twist pitch.

Component parts:

  • Pay-off unit 
  • Die
  • Twisting frame

It is also possible to equip additionally the line with taping head and a  tape tolerance device.  

Video of the running line on our YouTube channel:

Part 1

Part 2



YL - 630

YL - 800

Pay-off unit

Ø400 - 500 mm

Ø400 – 630 mm

Take-up unit

Ø630 mm

Ø800 mm

Workpiece appropriate diameter

Ø0.3 – 3.0 mm

Ø0.3 – 3.0 mm

Stranding diameter

Ø12 mm

Ø18 mm

Stranding pitch

20 – 200 mm

30 – 300 mm

Bow rotation speed

Max.. 800 rpm

Max. 680 rpm

Rotational direction


Traverse pitch

2 – 12 mm

3 – 20 mm



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