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LGD - 10/25/60/100 DIAMETER GAGE

LGD - 10/25/60/100 DIAMETER GAGE


The LGD brand laser gage is the new generation of the LGD series laser diameter gage developed using advanced laser scanning technology. The device has a wide range of measurements, high accuracy, long life and stable operation.

  • Scope of application

The device is used to measure the diameter of objects. It is used for real-time monitoring and measurement of wires and cables, enameled wires, tubes, hoses, glass rods and other wires.


  1. Моdel: 10/25/60/100 
  2. Method of measurement: laser (infrared radiation)
  3. Power Source: 220 V , AC ± 10%, 50 Hz-60 Hz
  4. Measuring range: Ø 0.1 - 90 mm
  5. Measurement Accuracy: ± (005 + 0.02% D)
  6. Exposure time: 200 US / time
  7. Scan Speed: 1800 times per second
  8. Adjustable height in the center: 850 - 1100 mm

Upon request, please indicate the diameter of the product to be checked.

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