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Extrusion line is a complex technological process, which includes: an extruder, an extrusion head, a control cabinet, cooling baths, etc.

Extruder is a specialized equipment for applying insulation or sheath to a conductive core by plasticizing materials in the cylinder body of an extruder using a movable screw. Further, the material is fed into the extrusion head and is uniformly applied on the workpiece.

Insulation or sheathing is being made from various materials, for example: PVC, LDPE, HDPE, XLPE, LSOH, HFFR, TPE, EPR etc. As well as special materials, such as silicone rubber, fluoropolymers, polyamides, etc.

All line processes are controlled from the central operating control panel with the display of all parameters:

The nodes of the line are synchronized with each other, and equipped with an error detection system, which are also displayed on the control panel. The line operator, using all the displayed information on the control panel, controls the entire production cycle to achieve maximum productivity and quality of products.

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