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The line is designed for winding products from a bobbin into coils with additional fixation of PP tape.


  • The device can be used with an extrusion line or independently with a pay-off device.
  • After winding into the coil, the cable is automatically fed into the packaging machine. The coiled cable will be automatically packaged.
  • The movement system provides the feed so that the cable maintains an orderly and beautiful appearance.
  • Use of the touch screen and the intuitive interface provides simplicity of service.
  • The computer's internal memory can store 100 different coil specifications. If you need to change products, you simply select the product from the specifications of the stored data.
  • Automatic fault detection with alarm.

Principle of operation: 

The workpiece in the form of a conductive core is fed from the bobbin using an active pay-off device. Using a horizontal storage, the pay-off device is controlled and linear speed is maintained. The feed of the end of the workpiece into the coiling head is automatic. After coiling, the workpiece is cut off with a cutting device. 4 mechanical paws (on both sides) clamp the coil and transfer it to the PP fixing device with tape, where the coil is fixed at 3 points. Next, the fixed coil is sent to an automatic shrink-wrapping machine along a conveyor belt, where it automatically turns into an envelope from a shrink film and passes a shrink tunnel. After packing, a self-adhesive label is applied to the coil.

Video of the running line on our YouTube channel:


Component parts:

1.    Active pay-off device

2.    Vertical storage

3.    Automatic coiling line:
1)    Power source: АС 380V, three-phase 50 Hz
2)   Direction of operation: from left to right or customer-specific.
3)    Applicable cable: Ø1 - 15 mm building cable, pilot cable, etc.
4)  Coiling head rotation speed: max. 480 rpm
5)  Line speed: max. Ø200 m / min
6)    Coiled cable size:
- outer diameter: max. Ø600 mm
- Coil height: 60 - 180 mm
- inner diameter: 180 - 250 mm (fixed size)
- Size can be selected according to customer requirement.

4. Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine:
1)  Packing (cutting) speed: 0 - 40 pcs / min
2)  Maximum package size: width + length ˂ 800 mm
3)  Maximum packaging height: 200 mm

And also the line includes: meter, printer, marking device.

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