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How to buy cable machinery?

The question "How to buy a cable machinery from China?" is a serious challenge for many, the solution of that requires considerable efforts, the possession of special knowledge, as it might seem at first glance. This section will introduce the basic principle of cooperation with a Chinese machinery manufacturer, the procedure of work and help answer the following questions:

- How to buy an equipment for cable production from China?

- How to ship an equipment?

- How will starting-up and adjustment operations and staff training be carried out?

- What are the guarantees?

The procedure of work between the Manufacturer and the Customer is as follows:

  1. Negotiations.

The first stage of negotiations is the selection and discussion of the line configuration, its technical performances and capabilities. Winlong's export specialists will help with the selection of the line. It is easy to communicate with us, as Russian-speaking and English-speaking specialists with high knowledge of the Chinese technical language work in the company’s staff. A question of any complexity will not remain unanswered. To maintain contact, we use email, mobile communications and all the main modern instant messengers. Specialists is always in touch.

During the discussion, the production line is being adjusted in accordance with customer-specific and the capabilities of the manufacturer.

The second stage of negotiations is a discussion of the commercial part of the business.

The result of the discussions is the receipt of a commercial offer from the Manufacturer, which indicates the price, shipment conditions, shipment time, payment terms, warranty period and specification of the line with a description of its technical performances.

  1. Contract.

The contract is drawn up in Russian and English, in two columns parallel to each other. By agreement, can be used the form proposed by the Seller, or the Buyer offers his own. The contract reflects all previously concluded agreements of the commercial and technical component. Delivery terms are often used FOB and rarely CIF. These are the two main delivery options when purchasing equipment.

After the parties approved all clauses of the contract, scans are signed and sent to each other. The manufacturer invoices the prepayment transfer. From the moment of receiving the first payment, the shipment time of the equipment is started to count.

  1. Equipment availability.

The production of cable equipment takes on average from 35 to 60 days, depending on the complexity of the line. 15 days before readiness of the equipment, the Manufacturer notifies Customer. The latter, in turn, can send a representative to conduct acceptance testing, or request a photo and video report of tests from the Manufacturer. After signing the acceptance certificate for the first stage at the manufacturer, the Customer pays the second payment. The equipment is packaged and loaded into a container. Inside the container, all machine components are safely fixed. A container ship takes containers to the port for further loading onto the ship. The manufacturer provides following documentation:

  1. Equipment shipment and custom clearance

The proper organization of the transportation procedures at all stages will help the transport company. Organization of logistics and customs clearance will become their responsibility. The work of professionals will save time and money. The main thing is to contact a reliable organization. In time, the delivery of equipment to your cable plant will take about 40 days.

  1. Arrangement in the workshop and installation of cable machinery

Installation of equipment is carried out by the Customer in accordance with the documents and instructions of the Seller. The manufacturer sends the drawings, sling schemes, alignment schemes in advance.

Some lines require footing recess and additional filling - drawings of the footing are also provided by the manufacturer.

Upon completion of installation, the Customer informs the Seller about the readiness for starting-up.

  1. Cable equipment launch

The seller undertakes to send specialists for starting-up, equipment launch, acceptance tests and training of the Customer's workers and specialists. Seller’s specialists will check the quality of equipment installation and conformance to the requirements of the Seller.

Specialists will carry out starting up, adjustment, test runs of the equipment and train the workers and specialists of the Customer. Depending on the number and complexity of the lines, starting-up can last from 2 days to two weeks. The result of these procedures is the full launch and signing of the equipment acceptance certificate.

  1. Guarantee

The guarantee is the loyal payment terms provided: 30% as an advance payment; 60% on equipment availability; 10% after the launch and signing of the equipment acceptance certificate.

Warranty period is 24 months.

After-sales service. Discussion and negotiations with English and Russian-speaking managers.